Penny Arcade Exposition East 2013

I’ve been to PAX Prime in Seattle twice (’09 & ’10), but never to PAX East in Boston. While waiting for friends to make up their minds on whether they were going with me, the 3-day badges sold out. I had to spend the same amount to buy Friday and Saturday badges. The schedule below consists only of the events in which I plan to participate or attend. I’ll post another blog later about Assassin’s Creed.


Friday 10:30am

    Storytime with Cliff Bleszinski : [Main Theatre]

Friday 2:30pm

    Mario Kart 7 Tournament : [Handheld Tourney]

Friday 5:00pm

    Halo 4 Multiplayer: Past, Present, and Future : [Main Theatre]

Friday 6:00pm

    Rock Band Behind the Music: A Music Gaming Tell All : [Phoenix Theatre]

Friday 9:00pm

    How To Energize Business and Millennial Brand Focus: A Giant Bomb Panel

    Eduknowledgement Experience : [Phoenix Theatre]

Saturday 12:00pm

    Irrational Games - Everything You Want to Know About Bioshock Infinite : [Phoenix Theatre]

Saturday 2:00pm

    The Mass Effect Trilogy - A Retrospective : [Main Theatre]

Saturday 2:30pm

    Behind the Music of Blockbuster Video Games : [Naga Theatre]

Saturday 7:00pm

    404ing It: Breaking (Down) the Internet : [Naga Theatre]

Saturday 9:30pm

    Cards Against Humanity : [Wyvern Theatre]


ADD Multi-blog

While working on the Aliases section of this site the other day I went to bf3stats.com for a gamercard. Scrolling down the page of statistics I came upon the section of rankings which I had never noticed before. It indicated that I was in the top 0% of assault class healing time per time spent alive. My place was #556 in the world. Looks like I'm 585 as of this post. I knew I was good, but not that good. I guess it makes sense because the only time I play the assault class is when the medics aren’t doing their jobs. For the greater good I switch to revive and heal the other 31 people on my team.

Levi is coming over tomorrow to play games… probably a lot of Battlefield 3. I always enjoy having my comrades in the same room. Sure, I can use Ventrilo, but it isn’t as much fun. Team Fortress 2 is a completely different story. If you find a good server, most of the TF2 players in voice chat are pretty entertaining. I think the Valve fan base in general has a higher concentration of funny people when compared to other developers; of PC shooters anyway.

The Mass Effect 3 demo was released yesterday. I’m okay waiting a couple of weeks for the full game. Man, those games are good. I honestly cannot think of a more appropriate word to describe Mass Effect other than “cool”. The series as a whole is just, cool. Full-blown RPGs are not something I usually enjoy. I don’t like Zelda games and I can’t stand Final Fantasy. If I hadn’t been forced to play Fable 2 and I hadn’t forced myself to endure a year of World of Warcraft, Mass Effect might not have ever taken its rightful place on my shelf.

Being the only person in my circle of friends who really cared about video games and good music, I sometimes had to pressure them into trying things they would have normally never considered. I pretty much provided the soundtrack for their middle and high school careers. The game suggestions went back and forth though, mostly between me and Dusty.

Unlike most of my peers playing Halo, my college years were instead spent playing Super Smash Bros.: Melee. I wanted to play Halo multiplayer, but I was the only person who cared about it. One reason for my predicament was that I was the only guy with an Xbox, and that was only because I won it from Taco Bell. Actually, Dusty had an Xbox for a little while but he only played Splinter Cell. Anyway, I eventually won them over and quite a few others with Halo 2. I had LAN parties for years.

Another game that made a substantial impact on my college life was Return to Castle Wolfenstein. The multiplayer, which also infected friends via my hardcore pimpage, is the main contributing factor to my premature departure from Kennesaw State University. There was nothing quite as satisfying at the time. I would grab a Dr. Pepper and some beef jerky and play for hours. Between gaming sessions, I’d get together with classmates/roommates to watch South Park, professional wrestling, go to shows, and have other gaming sessions involving Super Smash Bros: Melee. While probably the best year of my bachelor life, 2003 was an extremely stupid move academically. Yes, the entire year was a bad move.

On with the point: Of my current friends, the one who is closest to me in their appreciation of video games is Levi. I actually have to thank CptColossus for a couple of the previously mentioned role-playing experiences. I wanted to share with him the perfection that is Bioshock so much that I made a proposition which would potentially inconvenience me as much as it would benefit him. I would complete Fable 2, which he praised like crazy, if he would complete Bioshock. This deal turned out to be mutually beneficial and opened me up to the western-style role-playing genre. After Fable I decided to give WoW a chance. And really, after WoW, no task is too great.

Since I first heard about the Mass Effect saves carrying over to each sequel, my plan was to play them all in a row. A few months back I worked out a trade with Levi which landed me a copy of the first Mass Effect. I spent 41 hours playing the game which could have been finished in fewer than 20. I began the second game shortly after putting 50+ hours in. It’s a curse: I am very thorough.


Mostly Complete

I updated the photos in the Reviews section transferred from DJHicks.net. While reading some of the older entries I kind of felt they needed rewriting. That would take too long though, and I have been working on this site for like a week. My video game inventory, gaming videos, and gamertags have also been transferred to Gnarkiller.com. I created a new "gear" page with some of the tools I take into battle. The blog and news sections will be exclusively game related. A "features" section will be added later when I have something to put there. Eventually me and a couple of friends might start a podcast. That's about all I have to say at the moment other than...

I've been playing Battlefield 3 a lot. The campaign which I finished a few days ago was okay. The only reason I played it was for the Xbox achievements because the real game involves multiplayer on the PC. After playing a little with my friends on the Xbox 360 I just feel sad that they're missing out on the glory of 64 players. The console port is just plain boring at times. Anyway, have a nice day.


Under Construction

I created this site to separate my gaming life from everything else in my life on DJHicks.net. The transistion will probably take a week or so due to the massive amount of content which has to be migrated. That's about it