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I updated the photos in the Reviews section transferred from DJHicks.net. While reading some of the older entries I kind of felt they needed rewriting. That would take too long though, and I have been working on this site for like a week. My video game inventory, gaming videos, and gamertags have also been transferred to Gnarkiller.com. I created a new "gear" page with some of the tools I take into battle. The blog and news sections will be exclusively game related. A "features" section will be added later when I have something to put there. Eventually me and a couple of friends might start a podcast. That's about all I have to say at the moment other than...

I've been playing Battlefield 3 a lot. The campaign which I finished a few days ago was okay. The only reason I played it was for the Xbox achievements because the real game involves multiplayer on the PC. After playing a little with my friends on the Xbox 360 I just feel sad that they're missing out on the glory of 64 players. The console port is just plain boring at times. Anyway, have a nice day.

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