Penny Arcade Exposition East 2013

I’ve been to PAX Prime in Seattle twice (’09 & ’10), but never to PAX East in Boston. While waiting for friends to make up their minds on whether they were going with me, the 3-day badges sold out. I had to spend the same amount to buy Friday and Saturday badges. The schedule below consists only of the events in which I plan to participate or attend. I’ll post another blog later about Assassin’s Creed.


Friday 10:30am

    Storytime with Cliff Bleszinski : [Main Theatre]

Friday 2:30pm

    Mario Kart 7 Tournament : [Handheld Tourney]

Friday 5:00pm

    Halo 4 Multiplayer: Past, Present, and Future : [Main Theatre]

Friday 6:00pm

    Rock Band Behind the Music: A Music Gaming Tell All : [Phoenix Theatre]

Friday 9:00pm

    How To Energize Business and Millennial Brand Focus: A Giant Bomb Panel

    Eduknowledgement Experience : [Phoenix Theatre]

Saturday 12:00pm

    Irrational Games - Everything You Want to Know About Bioshock Infinite : [Phoenix Theatre]

Saturday 2:00pm

    The Mass Effect Trilogy - A Retrospective : [Main Theatre]

Saturday 2:30pm

    Behind the Music of Blockbuster Video Games : [Naga Theatre]

Saturday 7:00pm

    404ing It: Breaking (Down) the Internet : [Naga Theatre]

Saturday 9:30pm

    Cards Against Humanity : [Wyvern Theatre]

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